BOTOX vs DYSPORT vs XEOMIN – What is the Difference?

botox, dysport, xeomin comparison

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, the most common question asked is, which one out of the three is best suited for me? Well, to answer that question, you need to first understand what each procedure is and what the difference is between them all.

When it comes to understand the overview about these substances it reveals that, Xeomin, Dysport and Botox are the famous types of neurotoxins. These kind of toxins produces by a Type-A botulinum toxin which is also known as Bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It is widely used in famous medical treatments for the treatment of ageing effects as well as for resolving muscular conditions. It is commonly used to treat ageing muscles that effect by paralyzing the lower area muscles temporarily for around 6 months.

All three of them have gone through a series of clinal trials and are approved and regulated in the market by the FDA at present. Although they vary in terms of structure, they all have the same effect when it comes to relaxing the muscles and treating wrinkles. Due to their proven results, they are commonly used with dermal fillers for dramatic facial rejuvenation.

To choose one over the other, you need to understand how each of them varies from one another depending on various elements. Here are the most prominent differences between Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.

  • Allergan’s Botox was the first neurotoxin to be approved ten years ago. Dysport and Xeomin were later added to the market around six years ago. 

  • Both Botox and Dysport carry the botulinum toxin with a protein case, which is why over-time, the body might begin to develop antibodies against it, rendering both the treatments ineffective.

  • On the other hand, Xeomin carries naked botulinum toxin, which reduces the chances of allergic reactions and rejection. It also makes the treatment effective for candidates who have stopped responding to Dysport and Botox. 

  • Due to the protein case, Dysport and Botox are considered heavier and less effective as compared to Xeomin.

  • Xeomin being pure, works effectively in all facial areas and tends to spread more as compared to Dysport and Botox.

  • Xeomin is also used for larger areas due to its spreading effect as compared to Dysport and Botox, which are often restricted to the place of injection only.

  • In terms of results, Botox takes around ten days, Dysport takes three days, and Xeomin takes up to six days to show proper results.

  • All three treatments can last for three to six months, varying from patient to patient and also the treatment itself.

Which Is Better for You?

Depending on your personal preferences and the judgment of the physician, one might be better than the others for you. But in most cases, candidates are suitable for all three, and over time, after experimenting with all, figure out which works out the best for them.

We do not think one is better than the other as each neurotoxin has its own set of benefits to offer. Therefore, we recommend that you consult a professional physician before you opt for any, and we can help provide you with all three of the neurotoxins for cosmetic procedures, depending on your specific needs.

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