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Although cellulite isn’t a disease or affects the quality of your life, many people still find it bothersome from an aesthetic standpoint. Cellulite can be avoided by living a healthy life, eating well, and exercising regularly. Mesotherapy may be the best way to remove it.
Italian pharmaceutical company Ghimas S.p.A. presents Alidya, the only mesotherapy agent in the world registered for the treatment of cellulite. Med Supply Solutions offers authentic Alidya products to licensed practitioners at the best rates.

How to Order Alidya Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Alidya is a mesotherapy treatment specifically designed to treat cellulite. This injectable treatment eliminates the symptoms of gynoid lipodystrophy and addresses its causes. The “orange peel” effect fades after several treatments. The skin tone is improved, the skin texture is smoother, and the treated areas appear tauter.

What are these products used for?

Alidya reduces cellulite, flabbiness, and fatty tissue in the skin. These injections can also be used for lipedema and after-liposuction treatment.
Most common areas for treatment:

  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Arms

Alidya Treatment

Alidya treatment can significantly reduce bumps and dimples. It makes skin even smoother. The Alidya mesococktails contain amino acids that can normalize lymph flow and improve blood microcirculation. It allows increased oxygen supply to tissues. This injectable solution speeds up tissue metabolism and removes toxic substances that cause cellulite and fat accumulation.

Do side effects exist?

Alidya treatment can cause side effects similar to any other mesotherapy treatment. These may include reddening of the injection site or superficial bruises. These side effects usually disappear within a few hours. Patients may also experience pain and infection, which is less common.
Alidya is not recommended for pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding. You should also avoid if you suffer from diabetes, thyroid, kidney, liver, hemophilia or take anticoagulants.

Why You Should Buy Alidya Online

Med Supply Solutions is a reliable supplier of Alidya made by its original manufacturer. Since 2016, Med Supply Solutions has been providing licensed physicians with authentic aesthetic pharmacy products at affordable prices. We also offer convenient delivery options.

A Wide-Range Store for Your Aesthetic Practice

Med Supply Solutions allows you to choose from various brand-name products for mesotherapy, dermal filler injections, and body sculpting. You can also shop for orthopedic and professional skin care products like masks and peels. Our goal was to create an online shop that aesthetic medical professionals could use for their clinic or private practice.

Permanent Discounts and Fair Prices

Med Supply Solutions will set fair prices for all customers regardless of quantity. For larger orders, we offer discounts.

Fast International Shipping

Orders are shipped within two business days of the date of the order, and we provide tracking numbers within 24 hours. Shipping costs may vary depending on how much the order price and time of order arrival is 7-10 business days on average.

Med Supply Solutions – Reliable Alidya Supplier

Alidya at wholesale prices from trusted distributors: Price per pack in 2023
We provide Alidya and other mesotherapy products, dermal fillers, and orthopedic injectables. It is only available to licensed individuals or institutions. No matter how large or small the order, we ensure equal access to affordable, high-quality products for all customers. We also try to keep our prices lower than wholesale.

If you find Alidya cheaper elsewhere, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team to see if we can match or beat it.

Alidya Products For Licensed Professionals

You must hold a license to handle the aesthetic medical supplies to place orders.

Our company strictly follows this rule, and we do not allow exceptions. However, if you have questions about your country’s licensing requirements, please get in touch with our customer service team.

After you have completed the registration form and provided us with the necessary contact information and professional information (including the license numbers), you can quickly and easily make purchases at Med Supply Solutions.


Can I purchase Alidya online?

Alidya, a mesotherapy solution, is available online. You can only purchase this product through our website if you are a licensed medical professional.

What are Alidya’s licensing requirements?

You should be a licensed physician with prescriptive authority in order to perform the mesotherapy procedure to purchase Alidya or other injectable products with the aid of our website.

Is it legal for someone to buy drugs such as Alidya or fillers from abroad?

Yes. You can order Alidya or other injectable products from legitimate overseas suppliers as long as your license is valid.

How can I order Alidya?

You will need to create an account in order to place Alidya orders on our website. We will need your company name and license number. You can add the product to your shopping cart and place an order online via phone or email.
If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support team.

Can nurse practitioners purchase Alidya?

Yes. If they are licensed to inject, nurse practitioners can also buy Alidya or similar products from Med Supply Solutions.

Need help finding Alidya™ or another type of product?

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If you cannot find what you need in our extensive product catalog, we can help source any medical or aesthetic product for you. Simply use our product request form or speak to one of our expert purchasing agents and start saving today!

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