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Belkyra is for professional use only and is only sold to certifies professionals and special aesthetic clinics. Independent unprofessional use of the product may harm your health

Belkyra Non-surgical Treatment – What Is It?

Mini- and non-invasive cosmetic procedures have been steadily gaining popularity over the past decade. Annual statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show a steadily increasing demand for procedures such as injections of botulinum toxin products (namely Botox and Dysport) and hyaluronic acid fillers.

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A few years ago, so-called “non-invasive body contouring” systems came on the market, represented by cryolipolysis and RF (radiofrequency exposure). And more recently, another solution hit the spot, becoming a real breakthrough – Belkyra, with unique abilities to break down fat in the chin area. Considering Belkyra cost, it became a great alternative to liposuction.

With this product, the key to success is proper client selection. Belkyra injections are performed solely by certified specialists.

This medication is now breaking all records in the U.S. and Europe. Over 78% of patients confirmed their satisfaction with the result. On their official website, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has published recommendations for doctors who plan to work with Belkyra manufacturer, the methods of selecting patients for this particular procedure.

Belkyra – What You Should Know About the Treatment?

By its composition, the product is identical to deoxycholic acid, naturally produced in the body and used for fat absorption. Belkyra is a cytolytic agent that physically destroys cell membranes when injected into tissues. The drug destroys fat cells when properly injected into the fat layer under the chin.

Acting on the fat cell, Belkyra destroys the membrane, releasing fat, which first enters the bloodstream and is excreted by the body. Belkyra price may vary depending on the clinic where the patient is injected and the number of sessions.

Why Use Belkyra Treatment?

Most often, patients with overweight problems complain about trouble areas like the abdomen, flanks, and chin. And while the first two problems people can hide under clothing, the latter could only be dealt with by surgery, until now.

Belkyra, as a treatment, was developed specifically to deal with fat in a primary problem area – the chin. And qualified specialists can easily buy Belkyra online.

Belkyra Treatment Process

Treatment with Belkyra consists of several stages:

  • First, a professional examines his patient and takes some photos.
  • Afterward, the doctor draws dots on your chin, thus marking out the working area and determining the number of injections.
  • To make the procedure painless, a specialist anesthetizes the area of future injections.
  • The final stage involves injections of Belkyra in the pre-marked areas. On average, the procedure requires about 25 injections, but the number may vary depending on the patient.

To completely remove excess fat from the chin area, a patient needs to get several treatments, but not more than once per 1-2 months.

When Can We See the Result?

Fat removal with Belkyra is a gradual process. Depending on the amount of fat, you may need more than one treatment. In turn, patients can undergo the procedures at intervals of at least 1-2 months.

In addition, immediately after a session, the patient’s chin may temporarily increase due to swelling. But in a few days, the swelling will go down. And after some extra time, released fat removes from the body, and patients will see the first results.

Within 1-2 months after the first treatment, you will be able to see the first effect and the final result – two months after the last session of the course.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

Unlike lip fillers, which lose their effect over time, Belkyra fat removal treatment removes fat cells permanently.

Patients should be aware that due to compensatory function, the remaining fat cells may accumulate more fat as the person gains weight. However, if you remove (conditionally) 400 cells out of 500, the remaining 100 cells will not be able to override the effect of the treatment so that clients may leave only positive Belkyra reviews.

Is Belkyra Safe?

Like any medication, Belkyra has side effects and risks. However, compared to the only chin fat removal alternative, liposuction, Belkyra is much safer. Besides, patients are not exposing their bodies to surgery, protecting them from the associated risks of infections, health complications, and scars.

Who Is Suitable for Belkyra?

Because of the deoxycholic acid in this product, patients with fairly dense skin and moderate excess fat in the chin and neck area will be the most suitable. In addition, the patient should not have a noticeable disproportion between the lower jaw and the middle third of the face or too steep chin-neck angle.

When Belkyra Is the Wrong Choice?

Doctors should not recommend patients with flabby skin, severe neck sagging related to weight loss, or subcutaneous neck muscle weakness for injections, even from a reliable Belkyra supplier. In this case, additional fat cell breakdown will only worsen the situation. Patients with a deep bite, a small chin, and an acute neck-chin angle should also avoid this treatment.

Deoxycholic acid, may cause slight inflammation due to the causticity. Inflammation, in turn, may stimulate collagen production and skin lifting. In the case of an acute angle between the neck and the chin, however, the excess skin will not, alas, produce stunningly positive results.

Chin implants (also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty) and liposuction are recommended as alternatives for these patients. The middle third of the face, with significant excess skin and severe sagging of the skin, is perfectly corrected by a platysmoplasty in combination with a facelift and neck lift.

Belkyra’s Main and Side Effects

Compared to surgery, a minimally invasive treatment like Belkyra has few side effects and risks. However, like any medical treatment, there are some. Following the procedure, there may be the usual effects of injections in the form of pain, bruising, and swelling. Usually, all swelling and redness go away within 10-14 days.

Below we will tell you who is suitable for Belkyra, as well as more details about the side effects.

Belkyra Main Effect

The main effect of Belkyra is aimed at destroying fat cells through the action of the primary substance – deoxycholic acid. This acid destroys the fat cell membrane, which will no longer be able to accumulate fat. Patients can get a full effect after a single treatment or a course of several sessions.

Belkyra Side Effects

In most cases, patients recover quickly, although the recovery time, as after any injection, is individual.

In addition to the common side effects of this minimally invasive treatment in the form of a rash, redness, and swelling, much less frequently, patients may experience problems with swallowing, facial muscle weakness, an uneven smile, and nerve damage.

Other Common Side Effects

  • Skin bruising

A common side effect occurred in 70% of subjects during clinical trials. Bruising is more likely among people with hemophilia or those receiving blood thinning medications.

  • Headache

Similar to other medications, headaches can be among Belkyra’s side effects. Based on test results, it occurred in about 10% of subjects.

  • Mouth and neck pain

Oropharyngeal pain is one of the side effects, although it occurred in only a few subjects.

  • High blood pressure

Another rare side effect that usually goes away within a few hours. However, patients should see a doctor if hypertension does not go away.

  • Nausea

Most patients did not experience this side effect. Those patients who have felt nausea after the drug has had it for a short time.

  • Difficulty swallowing

It is considered a more serious side effect of Belkyra. A small number of subjects had trouble swallowing (dysphagia). Fortunately, in most cases, these problems disappeared after a few days.

Belkyra Aftercare

What can the doctor and patient do to reduce the chance of side effects?

  • Medical centers or specialists should buy medicine only from reliable Belkyra wholesalers.
  • After the procedure, apply a cold compress or ice.
  • A cinch strap can help relieve swelling by wearing it after each session.
  • Use a local anesthetic if you are concerned about pain around the chin.

In addition, you may want to consult your doctor or the specialist performing the treatment.

What Is Belkyra Made Of?

Among Belkyra ingredients, the main is deoxycholic acid. Bile acid refers to secondary acids formed from primary bile acids in the colon under the influence of intestinal microflora. It is a naturally occurring substance produced by the body to break down dietary fats.

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