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What is Desirial, and How Does It Work?

Desirial is a range of European injectable gels based on biodegradable hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, designed exclusively to support women’s intimate health. Desirial manufacturer is French Vivacy Laboratory, which specializes in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

Desirial products are available in two forms: Desirial and Desirial Plus. The existing products differ in concentration and viscoelastic properties, and price.

Desirial is indicated for all cases of vaginal dryness. Tissue degradation may cause discomfort, burning, increased sensitivity, chronic irritation, and itching, eventually leading to wound formation.

Desirial and Desirial Plus can also be applied to the atrophy of the labia majora. After a certain age, the tissue shrinks in volume, especially around the labia majora. This tendency leads to damage to the natural protection and painful sensations.

Therefore, Desirial gel restores tissue trophicity (hydration, increased elasticity, tone, and sensitivity of tissues) of the vulvovaginal region. Desirial PLUS is a more elastic gel designed to correct vulval morphological imperfections. An additional result of this aesthetic procedure can also be seen in reducing functional disorders.

What Is Desirial Used For?

  • Enlargement of the labia majora or minora. It allows for an external rejuvenation effect and reduces the risk of inflammatory processes in the vagina.
  • Correction of deformation and asymmetry of the labia, whether acquired after childbirth, trauma, or congenital.
  • Narrowing of the vaginal entrance, for example, in vaginal gaping after childbirth or decreased tone of the vaginal walls.
  • Increase the clitoris’s volume, which is particularly effective when the clitoris is covered by a skin flap and reaching orgasm is difficult.
  • The increase in the G-spot area allows for more intense sexual sensations during intimacy.
  • Overcoming age-related changes, dryness, and atrophy in the vaginal and vulvar area.
  • Improvement of the external appearance of the genitalia, especially when skin tone is decreased, and the labia majora are thinning (lipodystrophy).

The procedure for correcting vulvovaginal dysfunction is a non-surgical labioplasty, meaning no surgical intervention, lengthy preparation, a rehabilitation period, and a reasonable Desirial cost.

Treatment Process

Anesthesia with local anesthetics before Desirial and/or Desirial PLUS injections ensures a painless and effective procedure.

Desirial injections are usually performed in the vulvar area and the vaginal fornix. Doctors can use very thin needles, which allow them to inject very superficially, to moisten the mucosal tissue.

Desirial Plus injections are performed by the doctor subcutaneously in the labia majora. A small-sized cannula is used for this manipulation, penetrating under the skin along the labia and preventing damage.

How Long Does Desirial Last?

The effects of Desirial can last up to 12 months, but this can vary from person to person. Some patients may require touch-up treatments sooner, while others may see the effects of Desirial lasting longer than 12 months.

The longevity of the Desirial effects can also depend on the injection technique used, the amount of filler injected, and the frequency of treatment. A qualified and experienced practitioner can provide personalized advice on the expected duration of Desirial’s effects based on individual patient needs.

Is Desirial Treatment Safe?

It has been approved by European regulatory authorities, including the European Commission and the French ANSM, for use in treating vulvovaginal atrophy and other conditions.

When used by a qualified and experienced practitioner and bought from a reliable Desirial supplier, Desirial is safe. However, as with any minimally invasive treatment, there are potential risks and side effects which we will discuss after the benefits.

Desirial Benefits

Desirial and Desirial Plus products:

  • Increase hydration, revitalize, and eliminate discomfort;
  • The mucous membrane becomes less sensitive to inflammatory processes, and the symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy are reduced;
  • Relieve vulvar pain (dyspareunia), irritation, and itching;
  • Improve and maintain women’s quality of life, which is the main advantage of the Desirial treatment;
  • Help maintain femininity by blocking vaginal dryness.

Advantages over surgical treatment:

  • Visible fast effect. Immediately after injections, patients can see the result, and two weeks after the procedure, they can lead a normal life, enjoying treatment results.
  • Simple procedure with practically no complications;
  • Local anesthesia, i.e., the procedure has minimal impact on the body;
  • Option to repeat injections as needed to maintain the effect permanently.

Desirial Side Effects

In the first days after the procedure, there may be painful sensations at the injection sites, as well as minor bruises and tissue swelling, in case of traumatization of small vessels. 

As a rule, these unpleasant feelings disappear during the first 5–7 days after the procedure.

In rare cases, there may be a hematoma, infection, decreased or increased sensitivity in the injection area, recurrence of herpetic disease, insufficient or excessive correction, and filler migration.

All the nuances of risks and complications are discussed before the procedure with each woman, considering all the body’s features.

If the procedure is performed by highly qualified doctors, strictly complying with the preparation conditions and technique, and only using certified and high-quality products from a trusted Desirial wholesaler, the risk of side effects is minimal.

Desirial Aftercare

Biorevitalization with Desirial has a short rehabilitation period of 3-5 days maximum. During this time, patients should adhere to restrictions:

  • Avoid baths, saunas, and swimming pools.
  • Refrain from intensive tanning.
  • Avoid sports, lifting weights.
  • Refrain from sexual intercourse.

Desirial Ingredients

Products are made using the patented VIVACY-IPN-LIKE technology and contain pure stabilized hyaluronic acid and the antioxidant mannitol.

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