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BCN Mesoceuticals

Institute BCN is a leader in mesotherapy in Spain. The company offers a broad range of cosmetics as well as new-generation treatments.

Institute BCN’s years of research and development allowed them to design safe, effective products that solve cosmetic problems like skin wilting or localized fat deposits.

The company’s core areas of expertise include mesotherapy (micro mesotherapy) and virtual mesotherapy (non-invasive). All of their products can be found on our website, so you can purchase BCN online in just two clicks.


Mesotherapy uses cosmetic treatments to remove primary signs of senescence.

BCN products can be chosen by doctors according to their individual needs. This allows for maximum results in every case. After an examination, the doctor will identify the problem areas and prescribe the appropriate combination of vitamins and minerals. This treatment provides both a lasting and effective mesotherapy effect, which eliminates the problem as well as the symptoms.

Why is the Beauty Industry choosing BCN?

INSTITUTE BCN provides mesotherapy products that clinics can buy directly from a trusted BCN wholesaler – Med Supply Solutions. The most popular are BCN Classics or BCN Cocktails.
Institute BCN – is a group of highly qualified professionals that works together to address age-related problems (hair loss and loose skin, aging, obesity, scars, etc. This company has a reputation for being one of the leading suppliers of mesotherapy products.

What Products Does BCN Sell?

    Restores skin firmness and combats cellulite
    Localized fat elimination
  • Hydrates the skin and fights wrinkles.
    Stimulation of all stages of growth.
    This is a powerful product to enhance the appearance of your eyes.
    Vitamins and supplements for skin tissue stimulation

BCN Mesotherapy Action

Pharmacological action

Mesotherapy is a method that delivers substances to tissues. This keeps the concentrations at the injection site for longer than intramuscular injections. It creates a reserve that lasts long, allows for long-term cell nourishment, and restores the ability to regenerate that has been lost with age. It also improves skin appearance. It can also be used to revitalize a particular area of the body and boost the immune system. A typical course of treatment involves six to twelve procedures, each lasting between 7 and 14 days.

Reflexogenic action

The injection stimulates the skin receptors, resulting in an improvement in local blood circulation. Micro-trauma caused by needles triggers regenerative processes in the body that lead to increased cell renewal.

Benefits from BCN

  • • Targeted injections and the consequent treatment effect.
  • • The drug is kept in the skin for a considerable time. It has a long-lasting effect.
  • • Some cocktails are prone to build up, which can keep the process for at least a year.
  • • The treatment can be done as an outpatient.
  • • It can be used in combination with modern aesthetic medicine methods.

BCN Injections – Primary Uses

Acne treatment. The doctor selects specific therapies to treat skin inflammation. This affects sebum regulation and stimulates the body’s natural ability to regenerate skin. It results in a visibly improved appearance of the skin, clearing up acne and other comedones.

Pore constriction. Pores may dilate due to clogged sebaceous ducts. Mesococktail injection can solve this problem.

Pigment spots treatment. These problems can be addressed with solutions that have a whitening effect. They improve blood circulation and bleach the epidermis to partially block excessive melanin production.

Skin contouring and wrinkle correction. Mesolifting is a technique that has powerful rejuvenating effects. It smoothens wrinkles, improves metabolism, restores the hydrolipidic mantle, and reduces stress-related immune responses. The creation of personalized “cocktails”, a combination of molecules, can improve microcirculation and antioxidant protection. They also accelerate collagen and elastic synthesis. It is one of the most popular treatments among patients 30 to 50 years old, given its positive effect relative to BCN price.

Cellulite treatment. BCN Cocktails can be used to improve specific areas of your body. Doctors recommend 5-10 sessions to get the best results.

Hair strengthening, hair growth, and dandruff treatment. The scalp is injected with various components required for normal hair growth and follicle development. Hair quality is improved – it becomes denser and less brittle. The treatment also restores normal gland function.

Improving skin. Mesotherapy increases microcirculation in skin layers and positively impacts metabolic processes. Additionally, collagen and elastic synthesis increase, giving the skin a lifting and plumping effect.

Second-chin correction. BCN injections in this area help reduce fat and lift sagging.

Rosacea treatment. BCN can also help with this common problem. Professionals can use formulas to treat problems with the nose and cheeks. They also strengthen and clear blood vessels.

Dark circles treatment. You can inject delicate skin areas, such as the under-eye area, with thin needles. BCN mesococktails can help because they increase microcirculation, nourish the skin, and are able to solve it.
BCN can be used to prepare the skin for aesthetic medicine procedures like peels.

BCN Products are used in treatment

The cosmetologist must assess the patient’s skin condition and determine if the patient has any allergies. The right choice and proportion of the component are very important.
Sometimes, the product can be pre-injected into the wrist to verify the therapeutic ingredients’ tolerance.
If there is no reaction, then the doctor:

  • • Cleanses skin.
  • • Use an anesthetic lotion.
  • • After about 20-30 minutes, injects BCN using the thinnest needle possible or a unique device.

The procedure is painless. Patients will only notice a slight reddening. Sometimes, seals may form at the injection site. However, they will dissolve within 24 hours.

How long does BCN stay good?

The first results of beauty injections can be seen almost immediately. The full effect will appear in a few days after the usual swelling and redness from any injection have subsided. There is no one answer to the question of how long it will last. The result is smooth, fresh, beautiful skin with a natural glow. All depends on these factors:

  • • Medications
  • • The initial state of a problem
  • • Patient’s health-related behavior
  • • Individual body features and susceptibility to the injected substances.

The effect is usually lasting between 4-6 months and may require additional treatments. BCN reviews indicate that mesotherapy may last more than one year if performed for preventive reasons and there is minimal skin damage.

Is BCN Secure?

Mesotherapy uses BCN product injections to penetrate the dermis. The result is that there will be some minor trauma to the skin and tissues, and it takes some time to fully recover.
Experts also need to verify whether there have been any allergic reactions.
Virtual mesotherapy is minimally invasive and as safe as possible. Virtual mesotherapy has nearly no side effects or traumatization.

BCN Main and Side Effects

It is possible to cause minor traumatization of the skin and tissue, as we have already mentioned. Side effects of mesotherapy are possible within seven to 14 days.

  • • Erythema. The procedure can cause skin reddening within one to four days. This is not a life-threatening condition but can be seen as a visual defect.
  • • Allergy. It may manifest as skin reddening and itching, along with burning.
  • • Anaphylactic reaction. Extremely rare. It can be associated with anxiety, a rapid drop in blood pressure, and a lack of breath. Anaphylactic reactions may occur within the first 20-30 minutes after the drug is administered. During this time, patients remain in the clinic and may receive professional medical assistance.
  • • Gastrointestinal reaction. Stool disorders and nausea are the most common. It is infrequent to get vomit.
  • • Side effects on the CNS. Possible side effects include headaches, mild dizziness, and drowsiness.
  • • Kidney and liver reactions. Some cases may show an increase in bilirubin, creatinine, and ALT. This is due to drug excretion in metabolism.

These are not desirable consequences and can be prevented by taking care of the procedure and telling your doctor about allergies and body characteristics.

BCN Aftercare

Experts recommend that patients avoid sunbathing for three consecutive days following the treatment.

  • • Tanning
  • • Sauna
  • • Cosmetics
  • • Alcohol

You can prolong the beneficial effects of therapy by following these guidelines.

BCN Composition

BCN Classics offers a wide range of products that each have their own unique formulas, active ingredients, and auxiliary substances.

AMINO ACIDS is an example. It contains Aqua/Water, Glutamines, Alanines, Lysines, Histidines, Leucines, Threonines, Isoleucines, Phenylalanines, Tyrosines, Glycines, Serines, Aspartic Acids, Proline, and Taurine.

BCN’s POLYVITAMINS (product of the same line) formula: Aqua/Water, Ascorbic Acid, PEG-35 Castor Oil, Retinyl Palmitate, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Sodium Chloride, Tocopheryl Acetate, Pyridoxine HCL, Sodium Riboflavin Phosphate, Thiamine HCL.

BCN ingredients are all-natural and safe.

BCN Cocktails also contain nutritional components. However, the formulation is specially designed to make the ingredients work in conjunction. They are completely sterile and do not contain any preservatives.

You can mix the ingredients to achieve the desired effects: anti-wrinkle and whitening, acne treatment, etc.

BCN Base is an example. It contains Aqua/Water as well as Sodium DNA and Sodium Hyaluronate. Silanetriol and Potassium Sorbate are also included. This product can be used for anti-aging and as a base to make a product with more targeted effects if it is mixed with other BCN products.

BCN brand products can be used only by licensed healthcare professionals. Your health may be endangered by unprofessional use.

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