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Calecim – Revolutionary Skincare

Calecim is a cosmeceutical skincare brand powered by age-fighting stem cells developed by biotech company CellResearchCorp.

Calecim products are designed to internally rejuvenate the skin due to using its own patented conditioned media derived from stem cells from the umbilical cords of red deer.

How Does Calecim Work?

The main ingredient in Calecim products is PTT-6 – a protein complex naturally produced by stem cells. PTT-6 has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and elasticity, promote healing, and even fight hair loss.

Calecim products work by delivering PTT-6 directly to the skin cells, allowing the protein complex to interact with the cells’ natural signaling pathways and stimulate the production of new cells. As a result, the skin appears younger, healthier, and more radiant.

Calecim products stimulate the skin’s natural repair processes, increasing collagen and elastin production. PTT-6 also helps to reduce inflammation and harm of free radicals, leading to premature aging.

What Is Calecim Used For?

Calecim is manufactured to treat a variety of skin concerns, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Loss of skin elasticity;
  • Sun damage;
  • Acne scars;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Rosacea;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Eczema.

Calecim products can also help prevent premature aging and improve the skin’s overall appearance.

Calecim’s line includes the following products:

Professional Serum designed to be used after microneedling, skin peels, and other treatments. It contains 80% growth factors, which have been shown to speed up skin healing and improve the composition of new skin cells. This serum can be used;

  • Immediately after the aesthetic procedure to reduce redness, swelling, and discomfort;
  • 24 hours after the procedure to help minimize downtime.

With continued use, this product improves the skin’s overall appearance, making it look smoother, brighter, and more radiant.

The Professional Serum is suitable for all skin types, including post-procedure, red, and sensitive skin.

Restorative Hydration Cream is a lightweight cream that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It contains 40% growth factors, helping to plump up the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

It can be used day and night over the corrective treatment and is ideal for reviving dry, tired, and stressed skin. The fast-acting ingredients target all levels of the skin, resulting in plumper, more hydrated skin instantly.

Improvements in fine lines, shadows, and a restored youthful glow and radiance become visible already in 2 weeks.

The cream is suitable for dry, normal, combination, sensitive, and aging skin.

Multi-Action Cream is a thicker cream designed to be used day and night and is ideal for dry and aging skin; it can also help lift and firm the skin. The cream contains 50% growth factors to hydrate and regenerate the skin cells. Calecim Multi-Action Cream can be used underneath the daily moisturizer, as a standalone moisturizer, or over retinol at night.

Optimum results of Multi-Action Cream are achieved within 90 days of use, but first improvements can already be seen after two weeks.

The Multi-Action Cream is suitable for dry, normal, and sensitive skin.

Professional Pigment Solution is a corrective treatment serum designed to provide a long-term solution for hyperpigmentation and prevent forming of new pigmentation. This serum also protects the skin against damaging free radicals and accelerates the body’s autophagy process (degrading and getting rid of unwanted tissue and excess melanin), providing a more even skin tone.

This product is suitable for all skin types, uneven, dull, and sun-damaged skin.

Recovery Night Complex is dedicated to the needs of sensitive skin, soothing, hydrating, and repairing the areas of distress.

Advanced Hair System is a kit that contains an ampule with a pink solution and a derma stamp. This product promotes hair growth, helps reduce shedding and hair loss, and protects against inflammatory stressors that cause damage to the hair roots.

Calecim cost varies depending on the product in the range.

How Long Do Calecim Results Last?

The results of using Calecim products can last for several months or even years. The length of time that the effects last will vary depending on the individual, the product used, and the severity of the skin concerns.

Is Calecim Safe?

Products of this brand are generally considered safe for most people, and there are many positive Calecim reviews online.

All Calecim products are clinically tested and backed by science. They are also free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, making them well-suited for all skin types.

Calecim Benefits

The benefits of using Calecim products include the following:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Improving skin texture and elasticity;
  • Stimulating skin healing;
  • Protecting skin from damage;
  • Promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss;
  • All products are clinically validated and proven effective.

Calecim Side Effects

Calecim products usually demonstrate no side effects when bought from a trusted Calecim supplier (like Med Supply Solutions), but if rare exceptions do occur, adverse reactions are typically minor and resolve on their own. They may include:

  • redness,
  • irritation,
  • dryness.

If your patient experiences any side effects that are bothersome or do not go away, they should stop the product use and consult with a doctor.

Calecim Aftercare

There is no special aftercare required after using Calecim products. However, you may want to recommend that your patients avoid using harsh soaps or scrubs on their skin, as this could irritate it. It is also essential to use the products as directed and avoid other skincare products that may irritate the skin.

The patients should also wear sunscreen daily to protect their skin from the sun’s radiation and drink enough water to keep themselves well-hydrated.

Calecim Ingredients

The main ingredient in Calecim products is the protein complex PTT-6, which is naturally produced by stem cells.

Other components in Calecim products include:

  • Hyaluronic acid – helps to hydrate the skin;
  • Vitamin C – protects the skin from damage;
  • Retinol – a vitamin A derivative that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Peptides – help to stimulate the skin’s natural repair processes;
  • Niacinamide – vitamin B3 derivative that helps to improve skin texture and elasticity.

A complete list of ingredients for each product and the Calecim price can be found on dedicated product pages on our website. There you can also buy Calecim online.

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