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ALIDYA™, which is a powder for solutions made of amino acids, and other ingredients. ALIDYA™ can be injected in areas affected by cellulite to help with restructure of adipose tissue and improve skin appearance. ALIDYA™ injections can only be given by authorized personnel following local regulations.

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What is ALIDYA™?

ALIDYA™ is an anti-lipodystrophic agent called 2nd Motolese’s solution, made of amino acids and other ingredients. This solution helps gradually restructure the skin’s volume to reduce the appearance of gynoid lipodystrophy, also known as cellulite.

Why do doctors use ALIDYA™?

Doctors, such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists, use ALIDYA™ to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, which consists of small dents and skin depressions that give the skin an irregular, cracked, and orange-peel appearance. Some doctors use ALIDYA™ after liposuction to correct the appearance of the skin, after other fat removal methods such as intralipotherapy, to correct leg swelling called lipoedema, with or without fluid retention called limfoedema, and to correct adipose tissue changes.

How ALIDYA™ works

Research suggests cellulite may form as the ability of blood to flow through small blood vessels in the skin decreases, and metal ions are deposited which can be toxic to cells. ALIDYA™ contains amino acids and other ingredients, which help remove toxic elements, rebalance the skin cells, restore oxygen to tissue, and restructure the underlying adipose tissue. Restructuring the underlying tissue helps to smooth the appearance of the surface skin, reducing the look of depressions and irregular skin.

When and how to use ALIDYA™

Depending on the treatment area and the amount of cellulite present, you should administer ALIDYA™ in a minimum of seven and a maximum of twelve weekly treatment sessions. Each session may require one or two ampoules of ALIDYA™. To maintain the treatment results, you should repeat the ALIDYA™ injections once a year. Only qualified professionals should inject this anti-lipodystrophic agent. To use ALIDYA™, first disinfect the area. Use a sterile syringe to transfer the solution to the vial containing the powder, then shake the mixture for a few seconds and wait for it to clear to a pinkish color. The mixed solution will also have a distinctive odor: this is normal. Use a 30G 4mm needle to inject ALIDYA™ into the deep dermal layer or subcutaneous layer using the mesotherapy method, also known as localized intradermotherapy, with a 0.2 to 0.3ml micro bolus into the subcutaneous skin, or transdermally. You can help the treatment results by using massage for manual lympthatic or pneumatic drainage. For complete instructions on how to use ALIDYA™, refer to your product leaflet.

ALIDYA™ side effects

ALIDYA™ could cause side effects such as light to moderate redness at the injection site or small, superficial hematomas, but these should resolve within a few hours. Rarely, your patient could experience episodes of transient pain after injection. Like all injections, injecting this solution involves a risk of infection. These may not be all the possible ALIDYA™ side effects.

Precautions when using ALIDYA™

Do not treat patients with ALIDYA™ who are allergic or hypersensitive to any of its ingredients or who have a history of anaphylaxis or severe allergic reactions. Do not use ALIDYA™ on patients who are pregnant, do not use ALIDYA™ on patients who are breastfeeding, and do not use ALIDYA™ on babies because the effect of this solution on a child is unknown. Do not use this solution on patients who have acute or chronic skin conditions near the treatment area or on patients who have an autoimmune disease or other serious organic or systemic disease. Use caution when treating patients taking anticoagulants or with hemorrhagic or coagulation disorders. Do not inject ALIDYA™ into the muscle, blood vessels, organs, or any other area besides the superficial adipose tissue layer or deep skin layer. Tell your patient to avoid applying cosmetics to the treated area for the next twelve hours, and to avoid exposing the area to sources of direct heat such as fireplaces, saunas, the sun, and other sources of UV radiation. Each vial is meant for a single use only: always dispose of any unused solution after treatment and never use the same vial of ALIDYA™ to treat another patient because of the risk of cross-contamination.

How to store ALIDYA™

Store ALIDYA™ at room temperature. Keep this powder and solution away from heat and light sources, and keep them out of the reach of children.

Where to buy ALIDYA™

You can order ALIDYA™ online from or you can phone our friendly customer service associates to order this and other medical supplies. When you order ALIDYA™ from Med Supply Solutions, you can help reduce the appearance of cellulite to give your patient smoother, more contoured skin.

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* Med Supply Solutions offers only genuine ALIDYA™ that is manufactured by Ghimas S.p.A. All brands listed here including ALIDYA™ are the trademarks of their respective owners. Med Supply Solutions is not operated by, supported by or affiliated with Ghimas S.p.A.


Ghimas S.p.A.

Active Substance(s)

Poliaminoacidic gel, a-D-(+) glucopyranose, 1-4 glycosidic, etilendiaminotetraacetic sodium, amino acid buffer system with bicarbonate-sodium corrector, osmolarity regulator

Pack Size

5-340mg vials with powder + 5-10ml vials with solvent.


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