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DUROLANE® contains 20mg/ml of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid in buffered physiological sodium chloride solution pH 7. It is a sterile, transparent viscoelastic gel supplied in a 3ml glass syringe. DUROLANE® is intended to be used for intra-articular injection for the symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate knee or hip osteroarthritis . Additionally, DUROLANE® is intended to be used for intra-articular injection for symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis of indicated synovial joints, and for pain following arthroscopic procedures. It should be injected by an authorized physician, or in accordance with local legislation. DUROLANE® is a single injection, single dose preparation and should only be injected once per treatment course. The recommended dose is 1 ml per knee, hip or shoulder joint. The recommended dose is 1-2ml for intermediate joints (e.g., elbow, ankle) and approximately 1ml for small synovial joints (e.g. thumb).

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Where can I purchase viscosupplements like DUROLANE®?

DUROLANE® is a viscosupplement you can inject into your patient’s knee or hip to give them relief from their osteoarthritis pain. You can order DUROLANE® online at When you buy wholesale DUROLANE® from Med Supply Solutions, you can help your patients regain their mobility and delay their knee or hip surgery.

How does DUROLANE® help osteoarthritis patients?

DUROLANE® helps osteoarthritis patients relieve their pain and other symptoms. Osteoarthritis (OA) occurs when the cartilage in the knee, hip, or other joints breaks down, reducing the joint’s cushion and allowing the bones to rub together painfully. When you inject DUROLANE® into your patient’s knee or hip joint, the high levels of concentrated hyaluronic acid provide both a lubrication and a cushion for the joint. This prevents the bones from rubbing together to cause inflammation and pain, allowing your patients to move around more comfortably after their DUROLANE® injection.

Who can benefit most from DUROLANE® injections?

DUROLANE® can help patients that have osteoarthritis symptoms such as pain in their knee, hip, or other joints. When other osteoarthritis treatments such as as physical therapy, exercise, and pain medication have become less effective, you can use DUROLANE® to replace or supplement these other treatments to give your patients maximum pain relief.

When does DUROLANE® start to reduce joint pain?

After a DUROLANE® injection, some patients may experience immediate relief from their osteoarthritis symptoms, but for others it may take longer. DUROLANE® is meant for a single injection instead of a series of three to five injections like many other viscosupplements, and this one injection can last for up to about six months.

What are the most common DUROLANE® side effects?

Common side effects of DUROLANE® injections include injection site pain, joint pain, swelling, and stiffness, although these side effects are usually mild to moderate and do not last long. DUROLANE® comes from bacterial fermentation, not from animal sources, so no patients in clinical trials had allergic reactions, acute inflammatory reactions, or hypersensitivity to DUROLANE®. However, DUROLANE® is contraindicated in patients with a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid and patients with a joint infection or other infection in the treatment area or a skin disease. It is not known what effect DUROLANE® has on children, pregnant women, or nursing mothers. For forty-eight hours after their DUROLANE® injection, your patients should avoid strenuous physical activities such as jogging and tennis, heavy lifting, or standing for more than an hour.

Why should I buy DUROLANE® for my clinic?

DUROLANE® was the first single viscosupplement injection, making osteoarthritis treatments more convenient for patients who wanted to avoid getting a series of three to five injections. With its high concentration of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA), DUROLANE® can offer patients long-lasting relief from their osteoarthritis symptoms. When patients are no longer responding to osteoarthritis treatments such as pain medication and lifestyle modifications, often the next step is knee or hip surgery, but DUROLANE® injections can help them delay their surgery. When you have patients in your clinic that suffer from the pain of osteoarthritis, order wholesale DUROLANE® from Med Supply Solutions to help relieve their pain and give them back their mobility.

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Active Substance(s)

Sodium hyaluronate



Pack Size

1-3ml prefilled syringe


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