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ELLANSЀ™ L is an injectable implant for volume restoration within the dermis. It is a sterile, latex-free, non-pyrogenic, totally bioresorbable, non-permanent implant, made of synthetic Poly-e-Caprolacton (PCL) microspheres suspended in a gel carrier of carboxymethylcellulose (USP), phosphate buffered saline (PhEur), and glycerin (PhEur). PLC is a well-known totally bioresorbable soft medical polymer. PCL is used in numerous CE-marked and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved commercial bioresorbable product applications world-wide and has established an excellent safety profile over decades of use. ELLANSЀ™ L has a particle size in the range of 25-50 microns and should be injected using a 27 gauge needle. ELLANSЀ™ L results last around three years.

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Why should I purchase ELLANSЀ™ L?

ELLANSЀ™ L has a viscous formula that can provide natural-looking and long-lasting wrinkle correction or volume correction to the skin. Buy ELLANSЀ™ L from Med Supply Solutions to correct the appearance of lines and wrinkles, to add volume to the cheeks or other areas of the face, to restore volume to the face that has been lost through aging or illness, or to sculpt and contour facial features. When you order wholesale ELLANSЀ™ L online from, you can help reverse the signs of aging for around three years, allowing your patients to save money and time compared to traditional dermal fillers.

What is ELLANSЀ™ L and what are its ingredients?

ELLANSЀ™ L is an injectable dermal filler made of smooth Polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres suspended homogenously in a Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) gel carrier. Polycaprolactone has been used for decades for medical products such as implants and sutures, providing a safe and biodegradable product. ELLANSЀ™ L is highly viscous and elastic, allowing you to target its placement and providing more of a filling effect than dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid.

How does ELLANSЀ™ L correct wrinkles and volume loss?

ELLANSЀ™ L gives skin an immediate volume boost, smoothing the look of wrinkles and folds or contouring facial features. However, ELLANSЀ™ L also continues to provide volume to skin as it breaks down. The microspheres in the ELLANSЀ™ L gel become coated in a layer of collagen through neo-collagenesis as they provide a scaffold within the skin. Although collagen has been lost from the skin through aging, ELLANSЀ™ L stimulates collagen production to replace this lost collagen and restore structure to the skin.

Who might experience ELLANSЀ™ L side effects?

ELLANSЀ™ L has been used in many different medical applications, and is bioresorbable, gradually breaking down naturally within the body. Most patients experience only common ELLANSЀ™ L side effects related to the injection, such as redness, bruising, and swelling, and these side effects are usually mild and last only a day or two. ELLANSЀ™ L is completely synthetic and is not sourced from animals, humans, or bacteria, so it is safe to use without an allergy test.

When will patients see results from their ELLANSЀ™ L treatments?

Patients may see immediate results from their ELLANSЀ™ L treatments as the product instantly adds volume within the dermis. However, as the PCL in ELLANSЀ™ L gradually breaks down and is replaced with collagen, patients should continue to enjoy the results of their anti-aging treatment. In most patients, ELLANSЀ™ L results should last for about three years.

Where can I purchase ELLANSЀ™ L?

ELLANSЀ™ L is one of Europe’s most popular and award-winning dermal fillers, and it is available to buy online from If you are a licensed plastic surgeon, cosmetic specialist, another type of doctor or medical practitioner, hospital, or clinic, you can purchase wholesale ELLANSЀ™ L from Med Supply Solutions. Order ELLANSЀ™ L from Med Supply Solutions to give your patients the wrinkle-filling and face sculpting results they desire with this customizable and long-lasting dermal filler.

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* Med Supply Solutions offers only genuine ELLANSЀ™ L that is manufactured by AQTIS Medical™. All brands listed here including ELLANSЀ™ L are the trademarks of their respective owners. Med Supply Solutions is not operated by, supported by or affiliated with AQTIS Medical™.


Aqtis Medical

Active Substance(s)

Polycaprolactone microspheres

Pack Size

2-1ml prefilled syringes


Package insert, 4-27G 3/4

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