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FillMed MHA 10 is a product that has been at the forefront of skin-care technology. The active ingredients in FillMed MHA 10 aim to restore natural skin hydration to patients. This will make skin firmer and more elastic. The product is mesotherapy and prevents the appearance of signs of aging. It also doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain. You can use it with other products to get even better results.

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Which patients are most likely to benefit from this treatment?

FillMed recommends that anti-aging campaigns should be initiated around the age 30. Although each patient can choose the products that they prefer for their skin, it is best to begin anti-aging campaigns around 30. FillMed MHA 10 can be used to treat and prevent the appearance of signs of aging. Most patients will be able use its rejuvenating properties.

Areas the product treats

  • Face This product’s use focuses on the areas of the face that are most commonly used for correction. These areas include the crease of your eyes, the skin on the cheeks that is saggy, the laugh lines around the mouth, fine lines from smoking and stress lines.
  • Backside – Some areas of loose skin or spots can be found frequently on the backside of the hands. FillMed MHA 10, which is designed to treat these areas, gives patients smoother skin.
  • Neckline  Similar to the back of your hand, the skin around the neckline and neckline can become crinkly and saggy.

What does FillMed MHA10 do?

This product contains 10mg/mL free, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acids as well as vitamins and trace elements. These ingredients can stimulate skin hydration which is natural and effective. This will tighten and increase skin’s elasticity. It is able to remove wrinkles and fine lines effectively. Patients can also get that natural, youthful glow. The body also activates regenerative bioprocesses that promote skin rejuvenation to its youthful, healthy state.

Treatment Application

FillMed MHA 10, must be injected in the areas that require treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. The product is then injected into your dermis after disinfection. It is recommended that the four main treatments be performed in one month intervals. The second injection should be administered one month following the first. The third should be applied one month later. Finally, the fourth treatment should follow one month. To maintain high-quality results, booster shots should be administered every six months starting six months after the fourth injection.

How long does FillMed HHA 10 last?

A booster should be taken every six months after the four initial sessions. The effects will last as long if they are maintained properly.

Safety Information

Clinically, FillMed MHA10 has been proven safe to use on the vast majority of patients. This product is not recommended for people with certain conditions or sensitivities. This treatment should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, minors, or people with an autoimmune disease. This product should not be used by anyone with a hypersensitivity or predisposition to any ingredient.

Avoid areas that have been treated with permanent fillers, or areas that are prone to inflammatory and infectious diseases.


There is a possibility of minor swelling and reddening in the injection site. It is possible for the area to become itchy. You might experience some minor pain or lumps, but most side effects are gone in one to two weeks.

Recovery Time

FillMed MHA 10 does not cause side effects. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after leaving the clinic. It is important to avoid excessive sun exposure and high temperatures for at least one week.



Active Substance(s)

Hyaluronic acid


10 mg/ml

Pack Size

3-3ml pre-filled syringes

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