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INTRALINE PDO Threads Triple TR2650 – 26G 50mm/70mm

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Intraline PDO Threads Triple is a type of thread placed into ptotic skin to lift and tighten the area, thus visibly reducing signs of aging. At the same time, this product revitalizes aging skin by initiating neocollagenesis at the treated site, which helps increase dermal thickness and improve elasticity. These advance polydioxanone (PDO) threads are comprised of three filaments for boosted lifting power and strength, while not being as bulky as cogged or barbed threads.

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What are the features of Intraline PDO Threads Triple?

  • Resorbable safe material: Intraline PDO Threads are composed of high quality, CE-certified polydioxanone that is biocompatible and non-immunogenic, hence treatment is very safe with low risk of adverse events.
  • Unique stopper and needle design: Intraline’s specially designed needles and stoppers facilitate precise and accurate entry, so that the desired aesthetic result is attained.

What accessories/items come with Intraline PDO Threads Triple?

  • foil pack of 20 (two10-piece pack)
  • package insert

What are the ingredients of Intraline PDO Threads Triple?

  • polydioxanone suture
  • silicone-coated needle

MECOBI Co., Ltd.

Pack Size

20 threads

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