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REJURAN (SKIN HEALER) is an injectable treatment for skin renewal that was created and manufactured by PharmaResearch in South Korea. This product contains bio-compatible DNA fragments (Polynucleotides), which improve the skin’s condition.

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What is Revanesse Shape?

Rejuran Healer is an injectable skinbooster that utilizes polynucleotide chains extracted from salmon DNA. It has restorative properties that promotes skin rejuvenation and collagen production.

Why should I use Revanesse Shape?

Most skinboosters and dermal fillers utilize hyaluronic acid to hydrate and smoothen skin. Unlike those, polynucleotide from Revanesse Shape also has anti-aging and collagen-producing properties. 

What is it for?

Rejuran Healer can be used for treating:

  • Ageing and loose skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars and large pores
  • Rough and dehydrated skin
  • Overall maintenance for healthier, brighter, and younger skin

What is it made of?

Rejuran healer is made up of polynucleotide taken from salmon DNA.

What are the side effects?

Since the polynucleotide from salmon DNA is very biocompatible, side effects and sensitivity reactions are minimal when applied as the sole treatment. Caution should be practiced when in conjunction with other other treatments as interaction with hyaluronic acid or injected fat could cause a reaction.

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