RESTYLANE VOLYME™ is an injectable, viscoelastic gel made of non-animal, cross-linked hyaluronic acid as well as Lidocaine for pain relief. RESTYLANE VOLYME™ can be used as a dermal filler and is suitable for injection into the subcutaneous layer to restore or enhance facial volume or to recontour facial features. Results of an RESTYLANE VOLYME™ treatment usually last between six and nine months, and can last up to twelve months. Only authorized personnel, in accordance with local legislation, should administer RESTYLANE VOLYME™.

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Where can I purchase RESTYLANE VOLYME™?

RESTYLANE VOLYME™ is a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid which can restore volume to facial features. You can order RESTYLANE VOLYME™ online from or you can phone to order this and other dermal fillers from our helpful customer care team. When you buy wholesale RESTYLANE VOLYME™ from Med Supply Solutions, you can help your patients restore facial volume they have lost through aging.

Who might benefit from RESTYLANE VOLYME™ treatments?

Since RESTYLANE VOLYME™ contains Lidocaine, it is suitable for patients who are concerned about the pain and discomfort of cosmetic injections. With its high volume content and lifting effect, RESTYLANE VOLYME™ can help patients who have lost facial volume through aging, illness, or weight loss, restoring volume to areas such as the cheeks. You can also use RESTYLANE VOLYME™ to help patients who want to enhance their facial volume or recontour their facial features, enhancing their cheeks, cheekbones, chin, or their entire facial oval.

How does RESTYLANE VOLYME™ work?

Aging, weight loss, or illness can cause the face to lose its moisture content and fat, which can leave facial features looking hollow, sagging, and wrinkled. As you inject RESTYLANE VOLYME™ into the subcutaneous layer, the hyaluronic acid binds moisture to provide volume within the skin. This helps to fill and lift the skin, adding plumpness back to facial features such as the cheeks. You can use RESTYLANE VOLYME™ to enhance facial features such as the cheekbones, cheeks, chin, or the facial ovale, giving your patients a smooth, contoured appearance.

When do RESTYLANE VOLYME™ injections remain effective?

RESTYLANE VOLYME™ is cross-linked to resist breaking down within the skin, and the results of one treatment can last about six to nine months, and possibly even as long as twelve months. The results of an RESTYLANE VOLYME™ injection are immediate as the hyaluronic acid instantly binds moisture within the skin to create volume.

What are the side effects of RESTYLANE VOLYME™ injections?

Common RESTYLANE VOLYME™ side effects could include itching, mild pain, tenderness, swelling, and skin redness or erythema, but these usually disappear within a few days after the injection. Contraindications of RESTYLANE VOLYME™ treatments include use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, use near acute or chronic skin lesions, and use where there are already permanent or other temporary fillers present. You should not inject RESTYLANE VOLYME™ into patients who have severe allergies, an autoimmune disorder, porphyria, or an allergy or sensitivity to hyaluronic acid, Lidocaine, or amide anesthetics which are present in Lidocaine.

Why should I offer RESTYLANE VOLYME™ in my clinic?

Wrinkles are not the only problem your aging patients may experience as they also begin to lose facial volume. For these patients, you need a product like RESTYLANE VOLYME™ that can restore volume to their facial features with long-lasting results. Clinical trials have shown RESTYLANE VOLYME™ can restore volume with less chance of swelling, thanks to the absence of free hyaluronic acid, as well as less chance of redness and other side effects. Purchase wholesale RESTYLANE VOLYME™ from Med Supply Solutions to help your patients recontour their facial oval, cheeks, cheekbones, and chin for a more sculpted, smooth appearance.

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Active Substance(s)

Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine


20mg/ml, 3mg/ml

Pack Size

1-1ml prefilled syringe


Package insert, 2-27G needles, 2 traceability labels



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