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SOFTFIL® Precision Micro-Cannula 25G/60mm


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What is SOFTFIL® Precision Micro-Cannula 25G/60mm?

Softfil Precision Micro-cannulas are a range of micro-cannulas designed for comfort and safety for both the patient and the injector. It is specifically designed to allow more control and flexibility to allow for more accurate injections with less chances for trauma due to the cannula needle’s rounded tip.

Why should I use SOFTFIL® Precision Micro-Cannula 25G/60mm?

Softfil Precision Micro-cannulas are designed with multiple features to improve the safety and effectiveness of dermal filler applications.

  • It has a rounded tip to reduce the risk of embolization and vascular complications.
  • It has centimeter graduations on the needle that will help the injector more accurately identify where the tip of the microcannula is. This will ensure safer and more precise placement of the product.
  • It uses siliconized stainless steel that has been treated so that the cannulas will glide through skin tissue smoothly, reducing discomfort and trauma during injection and improving the handling of the cannula.
  • It has an orifice indicator that allows more control and more accurate placement of the product.

What is it for?

Softfil Precision Micro-Cannulas are typically used for safer and more accurate injection of dermal fillers. They come in multiple lengths and diameters to allow for most dermal filler applications.

What is it made of?

The Softfil Precision Micro-Cannulas are made of siliconized stainless steel to ensure smooth injection and less discomfort on the patient’s skin.


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20 kits


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