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SYNVISC ONE® is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, elastoviscous fluid containing hylans. Hylans are derivatives of hyraluronan, which is a component of synovial fluid which is responsible for its elastoviscosity. SYNVISC ONE® is a temporary replacement and supplement for synovial fluid. Hylans are degraded in the body by the same pathway as hyaluronan, and breakdown products are nontoxic. It is beneficial for patients in all stages of joint pathology. It is most effective in patients who are actively and regularly using the affected joint. It achieves its therapeutic effect through viscosupplemntation, a process whereby physiological and rheological states of the arthritic joint tissues are restored. Viscosupplementation with SYNVISC ONE® is a treatment to decrease pain and discomfort, allowing more extensive movement of the joint. SYNVISC ONE® is only intended for intra-articular use by a physician to treat pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. The recommended treatment regimen is one 6mL injection in the knee. The injection may be repeated 6 months after the first injection, if justified by the patient’s symptoms. Prospective clinical data in knee osteoarthritis patients have shown benefit of treatment up to 26 weeks, following a single SYNVISC ONE® injection.

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Where can I get the best wholesale price on SYNVISC ONE®?

SYNVISC ONE® is the simple way to give your patients relief from their osteoarthritis symptoms. To start your patients on the path to better mobility today, order SYNVISC ONE® from Med Supply Solutions. Physicians and other licensed medical practitioners can also buy wholesale SYNVISC ONE® by phone from our friendly customer service team. When you purchase SYNVISC ONE®, you can help your patients get relief from their osteoarthritis symptoms with just one injection.

Why should I choose SYNVISC ONE® as an osteoarthritis treatment in my clinic?

There are various injectable solutions on the market to relieve osteoarthritis (OA) pain that are made with hyaluronic acid (HA). However, most of these hyaluronic acid solutions require the patients to return to your clinic three to five times before they will start to experience relief. SYNVISC ONE® allows your patients to get just one injection to enjoy relief from osteoarthritis symptoms for about six months. SYNVISC ONE® saves your patients the time and hassle of coming into your clinic for weekly injections.

Who would benefit the most from SYNVISC ONE® injections?

Patients often turn to hyaluronic acid injections when other osteoarthritis treatments, such as anti-inflammatory and pain medications or physical therapy, no longer give them the relief they need. Other patients use SYNVISC ONE® injections to supplement their other osteoarthritis therapies. Patients also purchase SYNVISC ONE® treatments to delay painful and invasive knee surgeries. SYNVISC ONE® helps a wide variety of osteoarthritis patients live more active lives with less pain.

How does SYNVISC ONE® work in osteoarthritis patients?

As your patient ages, they start to lose the hyaluronic acid in their body, leaving them with less synovial fluid to cushion their joints. With almost no lubrication in their joints, their bones start to rub together, causing pain and inflammation, otherwise known as osteoarthritis. You can use SYNVISC ONE® to help reverse this problem. When you inject SYNVISC ONE® into your patient’s knee or other joint, you are replacing the lost synovial fluid, giving your patient’s bones the cushioning they need to absorb shock as your patient moves around. Since your patient’s bones are no longer rubbing together, both the inflammation and the pain is reduced to allow your patients to walk and move around in comfort.

What are some common SYNVISC ONE® side effects?

SYNVISC ONE® (HYLAN G-F 20) is made with hyaluronic acid, similar to what is found naturally in your patient’s synovial fluid, but it is sourced from rooster combs. This means that your patients who are allergic to eggs or birds should be cautious about SYNVISC ONE® injections. Some side effects of SYNVISC ONE® for other patients could include swelling, redness, bruising, pain, a feeling of heat, or fluid buildup in your patient’s joint. Your patient could also get a headache after a SYNVISC ONE® injection. Generally, though, these side effects are mild and temporary.

When will SYNVISC ONE® start to take effect?

SYNVISC ONE® is unique among similar hyaluronic acid osteoarthritis treatments because it takes just one SYNVISC ONE® injection to give your patients OA relief. Many patients experienced pain relief a month after their SYNVISC ONE®e injection, although this does vary from person to person. Most patients will continue to experience osteoarthritis relief for about six months after their SYNVISC ONE® injection, so you should tell your patients to return about twice a year to continue living their active, pain-free life.

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Active Substance(s)

Hylan g-f 20



Pack Size

1-6ml prefilled syringe


Package insert, 2 traceability labels

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