TEOSYAL® KISS is a transparent, non-pyrogenic, visco-elastic gel of reticulated hyaluronic acid, of non animal origin. TEOSYAL® KISS is indicated for increasing lip volume and for the correction of moderate to deep lines at the corners of the mouth. TEOSYAL® KISS is injected into the mucosa for the treatment of lips and into the deep dermis for the correction of cutaneous depressions. TEOSYAL® KISS thus creates a volume that corrects wrinkles and restores the lip volume. TEOSYAL® KISS is biodegradable and is absorbed slowly over time. It is advised to perform injections using the needle provided in the box. TEOSYAL® KISS is injected slowly into the mid to deep dermis to correct wrinkles or into mucosa to treat lips, using a linear threading injection technique.

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Where can I buy TEOSYAL® KISS for my clinic?

When your patients want to change the size and shape of their lips but still want long-lasting results, TEOSYAL® KISS is a good choice with its highly cross-linked formula. To purchase TEOSYAL® KISS wholesale, you can go to MedSupplySolutions.com and order online. Doctors and medical professionals like you can also phone Med Supply Solutions today to order TEOSYAL® KISS from one of our dedicated customer service associates. Give your patients the full, beautifully-shaped lips they have always dreamed of when you buy TEOSYAL® KISS.

Why should I use TEOSYAL® KISS instead of another dermal filler on my patient’s lips?

Lips have a dense blood vessel network and are constantly moving as your patient talks, smiles, eats, and even KISSes. This means that you need to use a specialized dermal filler that can stand up to all the abuse your patient’s lips take in a day. With its highly cross-linked formula, TEOSYAL® KISS was specially designed for you to use in your patient’s lips, giving them the shape and plumpness your patients desire while remaining strong and long-lasting.

What is the main ingredient in TEOSYAL® KISS and what is it used for?

TEOSYAL® KISS is made from non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA™) and is highly cross-linked to be more stable and longer-lasting. This injectable hyaluronic acid gel is used as a dermal filler in the lips and in the area around the lips. You can use TEOSYAL® KISS to increase the volume of your patient’s lips, reshape the contours of their lips, add support at the corners of their lips, rehydrate their lips, and smooth wrinkles around your patient’s mouth.

How can TEOSYAL® KISS help my patients improve their appearance?

Some of your patients may have been born with thin, unimpressive lips. Other patients used to have beautiful lips but they have become thinner, flatter, drier and more wrinkled with age. If your patients are smokers, they may also have fine lines around their lips from pursing their mouth as they smoke. Luckily, you can use TEOSYAL® KISS to help all these people. When you inject TEOSYAL® KISS into your patient’s lips or the skin around their mouth, the hyaluronic acid rehydrates their lips and instantly increases the volume of their skin. This can make your patient’s lips look plumper, more defined, more shaped, and smoother.

Who might experience side effects from their TEOSYAL® KISS cosmetic treatments?

Most patients experience only mild side effects from TEOSYAL® KISS injections since TEOSYAL® KISS is made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally within the skin. However, your patients may experience some bruising from the TEOSYAL® KISS injection, and other mild TEOSYAL® KISS side effects could include pain, discomfort, swelling, and erythema (redness), which usually last less than a week. Rarely, one of your patients may form an abscess or have symptoms of hypersensitivity. Your patients should be able to return to their normal daily activities after they purchase a TEOSYAL® KISS treatment.

When should I tell my patient to return for their next TEOSYAL® KISS aesthetic treatment?

When you inject TEOSYAL® KISS into your patient’s lips, the hyaluronic acid gel adds instant volume, giving your patients the plump, beautifully-shaped lips they desire. TEOSYAL® KISS is highly cross-linked, and should last for about six to nine months in most of your patients, so your patients should purchase another TEOSYAL® KISS treatment once or twice a year to maintain their lip shape and volume.

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Active Substance(s)

Hyaluronic acid



Pack Size

2-1ml prefilled syringes


Package insert, 4-27G 1/2” needles, 4 traceability labels



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